Our Application Process Our Application Process

Our selection process starts with CV selection and is followed by two rounds of interviews. It is more or less the same for all profiles. If you are more experienced, your interviewers will be more senior.

The first round 
The First round is held weekly on Friday. It consists of two interviews with our consultants in which we will primarily test your analytical skills. We will ask you to complete one case study per interview and test your ability to solve a typical consulting problem within a limited time frame. Your performance in this case study will reveal your communication skills, problem-solving ability, commitment and fit with A.T. Kearney. Afterwards, the interviewers will jointly assess your skills and will provide immediate feedback.

The second round
The second interview round takes place within a few weeks of the second, and consists of three interviews with partners or principals. These interviews will test analytical skills (by means of a case study) as well as social skills, motivation and fit.

The outcome of this final round will determine whether or not you receive an offer. If we decide to send you an offer, we will also assign you a sponsor. Your sponsor will be your point of contact for as long as the offer is pending.

Please click here to go to the online application form. We will contact you within two weeks after your submission

Please do not hesitate to contact Recruitment.Amsterdam@atkearney.com with any questions that you may have.

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