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True success can no longer be dominated at a country or regional level; success today, for all companies, requires a global mindset. Therefore, we have set up the Global Mobility Program to offer our consultants opportunities to work on international assignments to contribute to our success and, equally important, their own personal development. Based upon your personal situation, these assignments might range from short projects abroad to a temporary or permanent transfer to another country.

Projects, short exchanges or transfers programs

International projects
As we are a global company and our clients often have an international or global presence, our projects go beyond country borders. Talk to our consultants and you will find that almost every consultant has project experience abroad or was part of an international project team.

Exchange Program
Our Exchange Program provides our consultants with temporary experience in another market, from a personal and/or developmental perspective. We have two programs available:

  • International Leadership Development is a tailored program to provide the organizations' high potential consultants with specialized industry knowledge in another industry or practice
  • Connecting Worlds provides an opportunity for employees to swap with someone in a similar position in another market to experience what it is like working in another office

Transfer Program
In addition, our consultants are also offered the opportunity to transfer to another office. Transfers can be indefinite or for a fixed period.

You are in the driver's seat

The opportunities we offer can be endless, but you are the one in charge of your career. There is no default career path. If you're in a period of your life where you would like to do projects in the Netherlands, we always try to accommodate this. However, if you'd like to explore the world during your work, the sky is the limit.