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Within our vast range of challenging consultancy assignments, we provide our junior and experienced consultants a lot of freedom to shape their personal development. To allow our consultants to cope with all challenges and opportunities and to guide individual learning and personal development, A.T. Kearney provides a mentor and coaching program.

Mentors provide guidance

In the Benelux Unit, principals and partners are assigned as mentors. They facilitate staffing on appropriate assignments and special development projects, assist in determining the best possible career objectives, explain the firm's expectations, and help with networking. In short, our mentoring program ensures that your career goes the way you want it to go.

On the job coaching enhances quick learning

From Dutch supermarkets to Swedish pulp & paper, at A.T. Kearney, consultants are stimulated to experience projects in multiple industries, practices, and geographies. Starting as a business analyst, you might find yourself developing a sustainability strategy for a Dutch chain of supermarkets for six weeks before moving on to work on a sourcing project for a Swedish paper manufacturer.

Continuous feedback and rapid development

During a project, continuous coaching and a structured series of feedback sessions stimulate you to develop the necessary technical (analysis, change management) and interpersonal (communication, reliability, leadership) skills.

Ensuring a smooth start at A.T. Kearney

To make you feel welcome at our firm and support you in your first months, we team you up with a buddy. A buddy is a consultant with typically one or two years more experience than you, who can help you with all your practical questions. Your buddy will also introduce you to people in the office and help you find your way around.